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The Abracadabra Team

Steve Thomas Greer – Owner/Creator
Steve is the owner and creator of Abracadabra Signs & Designs. Steve has been a cartoonist and graphic designer for over 14 years. Steve uses cutting edge technology along with classic design style and a cartoon sensibility to lead Abracadabra to the forefront of the sign industry.

Danna Greer – corporate sales director
Danna Greer is the corporate sales director at Abracadabra Signs & Designs.

Lee Procter – Marketing/Sales Dept.

“Hi! I’m Lee,.Sales and Marketing manager at ABRACADABRA. Having such a wide array of products and services available at Abracadabra Signs and Designs has enabled me the opportunity to continually introduce new ideas and methods of selling and marketing high quality signage from digital print graphics to CNC routered signage elements to my favourite… Abracadabra’s Magic Sculpt® and Magic Smooth®. “

Eric Tomlinson – Production Manager

“As Production Manager I bring your sign ideas to life. I do comprehensive estimates using current technological sign components. I also generate detailed sign and installation layouts which are used for the sign permit process as well as serving as a visual aide for our customers to view their illuminated product with state of the art LED or fluorescent lighting. I work directly with you the customer to meet your needs as cost effective as possible and at the same time giving you an aesthetically pleasing product to be proud of.”

Dan Drouin –Graphic Designer/Shop Coordinator

“As a senior graphic artist with over 25 years experience in design and layout theory, sign manufacturing and installation procedures I possess a transcendent ability to see any project through from concept to completion.

Utilizing all the latest software, materials and cost efficient methods necessary, I can guarantee your experience with myself or any of the staff at Abracadabra Signs and Designs will be enjoyable, pleasant and gratifying.”

Rob Turner – Fabrication – Site Supervisor

“Hey! Rob Turner here. I am Abracadabra’s site supervisor, lead Installer and metal fabricator. In working with Steve and Eric on all designs and fabrication processes I am able to ensure that our products are made with 100% efficiency and dedication which results in a superior line of signage.”

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