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  • Tricks of the Trade

    Abracadabra Signs & Designs is a sign shop and design firm like no other. Abracadabra\'s illuminated signs turn more heads, their sculpted work catches the imagination of anyone nearby, and their routed, carved and dimensional signs are sure to create an impact for your business. To truly understand the effect an Abracadabra sign or design will have, simply click the \"Magic Button\" above and browse through their portfolio of work.
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  • Magic Smooth & Sculpt

    Magic-Smooth is a spreadable two-part epoxy that can be used over virtually any material. Its greatest features are the ease with which it coats any type of foam. Magic Sculpt is a two part modeling and sculpting material is extremely soft and pliable, in its mixed form, has excellent adhesion, non-toxic and cleans up easily with soap and water. It will cure at room temperature to a hard, solid finish that can be filed, sanded, dremeled, ground and polished to a glass-like surface finish.
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Abracadabra Signs & Designs features a group of sign and design professionals that can create one of a kind signs & illustrations for your business. For more than 14 years, the staff at Abracadabra have been creating some of the most innovative and creative signs to come out of the Ontario area. Abracadabra has been recognized internationally in many sign trade magazines, and has received several awards for excellence in design and production.

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Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs can really draw attention from your potential customers. Abracadabra Signs & Designs is on the cutting edge with new illuminated LED technology. Modern illuminated signs are much more energy efficient and cost effective than their older neon counterparts. If your business is open past sundown and you want people to know about it please contact Abracadabra and we can begin to discuss a lighted sign solution for you.
Bar10der        Bula         Eggsmart         Grilltime         Parkway Cleaners



Routed Signs

Abracadabra Signs & Designs uses a computer aided CNC router to make dimensional signs of the highest quality. This new technology allows Abracadabra to make signs that are not only beautiful, but durable. The Abracadabra designers are given the freedom to design signs with not only length and height, but also with depth. The computer aided router is then able to make those designs come to life with machine precision.
metalworx         Appleby Crossing         Chocolate Sensations         Dragon Pearl         Kirkwood Apartments



Painted Signs

Abracadabra Signs & Designs uses the finest quality signpainting enamels. The paints used by Abracadabra are intended for interior & exterior use on metals, wood & glass. Abracadabra’s paints are able to offer a high gloss finish for many years to come.
Chocolate Sensations         Mannview Farm         Brewski District         Consac Beaver



Dimensional Signs

Between routed signs, formed plastic and metal letters & sign cabinets Abracadabra Signs & Designs is your source for all things dimensional signage. Abracadabra utilizes many different types of dimensional sign techniques together to create three dimensional signage, that is both visually interesting & durable for many years to come.
SanFrancisco's Stone Oven Pizza         Tin Ceilings         Natas Cafe         Teddy's Bakery         Road Grill



Sculpted Signs

Abracadabra Signs & Designs is among the industry leaders in innovation and use of sculpted sign materials. Abracadabra uses its own specially formulated sculpting materials to produce dimensional characters and cartoons that are unlike anything else on the market. The Abracadabra sculpting putty and epoxy are so well formulated that they have become a signmaker standard internationally.
Consac Beaver         Jimmy Guaco's         All American         Fish Mailbox         Pita Pit



Digital Signs

Hand drawn illustrations from the crew at Abracadabra Signs & Designs come to life in brilliant full color printed graphics. The staff at Abracadabra can produce high quality, cost-effective graphics for your vehicle or sign with our state of the art digital printing equipment and software.
Way Cool Smoothies         Heavy Metals         All Canadian Mechanical & Electrical         Joz Garage         Twistee Treat

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